Talkin Bout a Mug Swap

Ello loves! If the Jimmy Fallon Head Swap tune did not automatically come into your head when you read that title, I implore, go watch this video before  you read on. Not that it’s related in any way to the post, but because it’s hilarious, if you like Jimmy. Also, I like this video because it’s from when the Superbowl was in Indy and it was really fun. For the rest of today I’ll be singing everything I do to this tune. It usually lasts for a couple days.

mug-swapBack to the post! Do you guys read Kallie’s thoughts at But First, Coffee? She’s super cute and she’s hosting a mug swap that is now, sadly closed, but she has them more than once so you can join in the next one! For this swap, we were just sent our partners and I’m super stoked to have someone I can relate to! Bex is a West Virginian who lives with her musically inclined boyfriend and to big pups. She blogs music, yoga and and quirky stories of what’s going on in her life. I love that she’s so personable in her writing style. Honestly, you’ll feel like her best friend if you read her site, A Girl Awake, for 10 minutes. That’s why I’m so excited to swap with her! She recently did a post that I thought looked really random and fun (at least for me) so I’m jumping on that bandwagon and joining her in the numbers game. *Sidenote: it was a bit strange when I read My Life in Numbers because I was listening to a Cookie Monster record with Soph and Count was on singing this song!

my-life-in-numbers0 flights out of the country (I don’t count Puerto Rico because I didn’t get to site see)
1 the number of bunny’s I’ve loved
2 built-in best friend nieces
3 pairs of shoes that I rotate between through the year
4 hot dogs eaten in one sitting
7 the number of places I’ve called home
7 the number of years my heart has  belonged to Jeffrey
8 teeth for Sophie to bite me with
9 states that I’ve vacationed
12 jobs that I have learned something from
13 the number on my soccer jerseys
18 bobbi pins tangled on my nightstand
20 concerts I’ve rocked out at
29 years that I’ve lived on planet Earth
65 bottles of nail polish
120 people that inspire me on Instagram
145 FB profile pictures of my mug
386 books on our bookshelf

So there’s my introduction to my Mug Swap partner, Bex and my life in numbers! Have you done a mug swap before? Were any of my numbers surprising to you? I want to know your numbers! If you do a My Life in Numbers post, send it to me!

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