Three is a Magic Number

My sweet Sophia turns 3 today. The pride I have of being Sophie’s Mom is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. When people say ‘she’s so sweet’ or ‘she’s so smart’ I don’t take it as a compliment to my parenting, I give full props to her because she is so sweet and so smart by nature. She recently asked me if I will be her best friend forever. Every time she asks me this it breaks my heart a little because I wish more than anything that she will always feel this way about me. My answer to her is ‘ALWAYS’.


She is my sidekick. We explore everywhere together. We are very much alike in that we’d always rather be around people than at home. Right now, I’m lucky enough to work at Sophie’s school. When we leave school, we have 3 hours to play and it is rare that we will spend that time at home. Our favorite place is Conner Prairie because we can see animals, play in the splash pad, play in the indoor or outdoor playgrounds, visit the tree house, go on a hike or talk to the Prairie folk. Our other favorite spots are the library, the Y, the park, the Zoo and the Children’s Museum.


She’s also my shadow. She always has a song in her heart and a dance to her step. She loves family hugs, waiting for Daddy in the driveway, having tickle fights and giving raspberries and snuggle snuggles. She’s not a fan of eating unless it’s strawberries, strawberry yogurt, oatmeal or chocolate milk but somehow is still a head taller than the other kids her age. She’s digging My Little Ponies, Barbies, Lego Juniors and anything Disney related. Her favorite color is pink&purple and she must be the one to let Lexi out of her room in the mornings. One of my favorite things is seeing Lexi lay her head on Sophie. She always responds by hugging Lexi and saying ‘Awe. I love you too, Lexi.’


Basically, I’m head over heels for Sophie. The thing that keeps me up at night is worrying about her. Her present and her future- from something as simple as the fall she had earlier to what school she should go to. Honestly, before Sophie was born, I was worried I would not have a connection with her. I was so worried that I would love our dog Lexi more than our baby because Lexi was our first ‘furbaby’. I now can laugh at the ignorance ‘pre-Sophie Shelly’ had. Before bed every single night Jeffrey and I talk about the funny things she did and said that day and I go to sleep with a smile on my face and a knot in my throat with how lucky we are to have her. Happy Birthday my love.


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