Top 6 Home Decor Books

I’m a big decor book fan. Although I only have three of these in my possession, I have looked through all of these multiple times. (Our date nights consist of the library or Barnes and Noble…nerds.) I am currently using these books to prop up the lamp on my desk because it was too short BUT I’ll hopefully be getting a new lamp in the near future so I can bust these bad boys out for eye candy.



Best Decor Books
  1. Young House Love. If there is one blog in the world that I would not want to live without, it would be YHL. I have been following them for 5 years and fall even more in love every day. This book has a TON of easy, medium and complicated DiY projects to spruce up your home. One reason I enjoy this book is that at the beginning of each project they lay out the price range, skill level and amount of time the project will take.
  2. Design Sponge at Home. This book is also a favorite for me because of the easy navigation as well as the price, skill and time laid out for each project. The projects in this book are a bit more sophisticated (I’m not sure if that’s true or if I’m just getting that feeling) just like their blog. Design*Sponge has been around for a looooong time and has several contributors so they’re a bit harder for me to keep up with and really know the people behind the projects (although Grace Bonney is the mastermind behind the operation and is a VERY cool girl!)
  3. Domino. One of THE most popular decor books out there. You will see this book in a book shelf or proping up lamps in almost every blog you visit. My sister first got the book when it was released and I read through it multiples times when I’d visit. A year later I decided I just needed my own copy. Again, this book has a more sophisticated feel, to me, than the YHL book but is very helpful as it is a guide on how to decorate each room of your home.
  4. Nate Berkus. Now WHO doesn’t love Nate?! So nice and has a great eye for design. LOVE that he’s at Target now! I don’t have Nate’s book YET but I like that it’s written from a man’s perspective. I always fall in love with the blush/gold/floral combos but then I remember that I live with a man who’s not fond of those things.
  5. Decorate. This is an AWESOME book for learning the fundamentals of decorating. It is not a DiY projects book but rather a ‘here’s how to learn about visual spacing or the flow of a room.’ It would be a good idea to read this book before reading the others mentioned above.
  6. Jonathan Adler 100 Ways to Happy Chic your Life. You would not enjoy this book if you do not enjoy the ‘happy chic’ style. Jonathan Adler has a few different books out right now. You may have seen his Happy Chic Colors but I’m more a fan of this book.
Two tips in regards to buying decor books. Do not buy them on a e-reader. I know e-readers have come a long way and have vibrant screens but there’s just something to be said for a hand held book that you can flip through, mark pages and write notes in. Also, unless you’re DYING to have a specific book as soon as it comes out, wait a few months because they always go on sale. I’ve noticed that the design/decor books always start out relatively pricey but always go way on sale once they’ve been out a while. If you must read it in the mean time, there’s probably a copy at your library! Is anyone else fortunate enough to own or have read through these lovelies? Any favs I didn’t mention that I’ll now need to go find?!

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    1. His stuff flies off the shelf at Target, doesn’t it? If you see something you like, you better buy it! Isn’t YHL great? 😉 They’re my jam.

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