Top Disney Attractions: Adults: Hollywood Studios

Today we’ve gone back in time to Hollywood Studios where it’s 1940 everyday! My favorite memory of Hollywood Studios was from when my sister and BiL came to visit while I worked in the CP. We got to the park at opening and SPRINTED once we were through the gates to go to Rockin’ Roller Coaster! We ran everywhere for the first half of the day and I loved it!

Hollywood Studios

I always suggest getting the Disney Mobile App to keep up to date with wait times as well as closing of rides while at the park. When we visit Hollywood Studios, we head right and check on the longest line for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster. We get a Fastpass for whichever has the longer wait time and ride the other. Again, whenever we go, there’s usually not more than a 20 minute wait, but it’s helpful in the instances of the park being busy. Both Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster are ‘scary’ rides to people who don’t enjoy roller coasters. I will admit that if you ride any ride enough times, you will start to like it and eventually love it. 😉 While we wait for the Fastpass call time, we head over to watch the Beauty and the Beast- Live on Stage show. I LOVE this show! It’s the perfect mixture of singing, sparkly dresses and live performance. Also, no, I have no idea why my BBF and I stood like that for our picture, but I had to use it for this post because I think it’s hilarious.

rockin beast tower

Our next stop is to try to be a volunteer at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! I’m completely engrossed and entertained every single time I see this show, even though I’ve seen it at least 20 times in my life. We’re Star Wars fans but skip Star Tours because it’s a bit jostly and makes me a bit motion sick. Start Tours is worth going if you’re there during slow season. If you are a Star Wars fan, I recommend going during Star Wars Weekends for some awesome entertainment! After the thrills of Indiana Jones, we head over to Muppet Vision 3D for laughs with Kermy. At this time we’re near Lights Motor Action: Extreme Stunt Show which is a MUST SEE! Check for showtimes and try to time it so you’re there 20ish minutes before the show. If there’s still a bit before the show starts, head over to the Studio Backlot Tour (35 min.) Definitely worth it if you have enough time.

lights backlot wars

Our next stop is to get a Fastpass for Toy Story Mania. It’s a really fun ride but always has an enormous wait time. Beware if you get motion sickness though. My favorite attraction in all of Hollywood Studios is Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. If you’re bringing small children, this might be boring because it’s a gallery style walk through of Walt’s story followed by a movie. The Magic of Disney Animation is also fun to see to learn the behind the scenes of our favorite movie’s animation. We usually hit up Voyage of the Little Mermaid because Ariel’s my favorite princess. It’s a puppet show of the story of The Little Mermaid but is extremely entertaining if puppets make you laugh!

hat mickey sulley

Like the other parks I’ve mentioned, we have to end the night with the fireworks show. Hollywood Studio’s show is called Fantasmic and it is amazing! Fantasmic is a mixture of characters, fireworks, water, lasers and a great soundtrack from the movies we love. You should get there at least a half hour early if you want to sit together with your family because it fills up super quick. Be forewarned that they sell light up toys that your children spouse will beg you to buy.

Don’t you guys love Hollywood Studios? Were there any attractions you loved that I missed? Who else rides Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster while Fantasmic is going on so you get massive headaches from all the screaming?

6 thoughts on “Top Disney Attractions: Adults: Hollywood Studios

  1. Just discovered your blog and I love it!! My only amendment to this list would be to get FastPasses for Toy Story Mania FIRST THING. It consistently has the longest wait time in the park and FastPasses sell out very early. That being said, I think it is worth the wait.

    1. I’m glad you stopped by Chelsea! Great tip on getting Toy Story Mania fastpass+ first. I actually recommend getting them online before your trip but if you’re unable to do that, the park hub would work too! I get too motion sick on that ride, unfortunately. 🙁 I’ll have to buck up once Sophie’s tall enough to ride! 😉

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