Treetop Outpost at Conner Prairie

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you know that we’re huge fan’s of the Interactive History Museum near us called Conner Prairie. It’s rare that a week goes by without Sophie and I stopping in to cool off at the splash pad, play in the kiddie area indoors, say Hi to Mosely the horse or run down the hill at the Conner House. We have more of a reason than ever to visit now that the Treetop Outpost at Conner Prairie opened earlier this month and we are thrilled to share it with everyone.

treetop outpost at conner prairie

As a writer for Indy’s Child, I received an exclusive sneak peek of the addition prior to the public opening on July 1st, but before we get into those photos, let’s dig into some of the stats for this Bicentennial Legacy Project.

Treetop Outpost is an official Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project as part of the Bicentennial Nature Center Network, a statewide coalition created to ensure that all Hoosier youth have access to environmental education and creative outdoor experiences within 60 miles of where they live. 

Some of the Stats: Treetop Outpost at Conner Prairie

  • Size of entire experience: 6,000 square feet, not including an adjoining and existing Nature Walk
  • Square footage of art, building, digging and music-making areas: 2,600 square feet combined
  • Height of centerpiece treehouse: 45 feet (four stories)
  • Cost of experience: $783,832
  • Contractor: Hagerman Construction
  • Capacity of entire experience: 175-200 guests, excluding the Nature Walk
  • Capacity of just treehouse alone: 81

I’ll let the photos do the talking until you’re able to come check it out yourself. *Do note, the photos do not do this awesome attraction justice!

treetop outpost at conner prairieart (1 of 1) speak (1 of 1)

The kids loved the speaking tubes though out the tree house but my favorite spot was the reading nook on the lower floor. treetop outpost at conner prairie

A 30 foot suspension bridge connects the ‘Music in Nature’ area to the Outpost. treetop outpost at conner prairie treetop outpost at conner prairie dig (1 of 1) group (1 of 1) group2 (1 of 1) limestone (1 of 1) group3 (1 of 1) music (1 of 1)
wigwams (1 of 1)treetop outpost at conner prairie wigwam3 (1 of 1) wigwam4 (1 of 1)

We really enjoyed the simple hike (about 20 minutes) to check out the path that winds through the woods along the White River to a prairie lookout.
trail (1 of 1)

share (1 of 1)

The photo above is a ‘sharing shelf’ where you can take a walk on the nature trail and leave special trinkets collected on your hike. So special! Every bit of the Treetop Outpost has been thoughtfully designed with kids of all ages in mind. Art and nature have always gone hand in hand but this attraction displays it so beautifully that I can’t wait to go back!

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