A Trip to the Orchard

Hi guys! I’ve decided, I don’t care what people say about it still being summer, I’m breaking out the fall decor! This time of year is so confusing for me because it’s still really hot out but I’m seeing sweaters and pumpkin lattes. Since October is when I put up Halloween decorations, I think it’s ok to put up fall decorations the second week of September. Just letting you all know what I’m thinking on the whole decorating issue. Back to the fun we had at the orchard this past weekend! It’s too early for pumpkin picking but it’s the perfect time for apple picking!

pregnant-pumpkinHere’s the last time we were at the orchard (six days before lil Soph was born)! We usually go to Curtis Orchard a couple times during the fall season. I was really excited to be able to take Sophie this year, even though she wasn’t a huge fan of the animals.

cornThis is our view on the way to the orchard. This is not a strange view to see where I live. A lot of people who live near corn say they get tired of seeing it but I love living by corn because it reminds me of being back home in Indiana.

ozOur orchard is themed as The Wizard of Oz and this is one of the awesome murals that meets you as you walk down the yellow brick road into the orchard. Warning: do not be alarmed that Soph is not grinning from ear to ear in these photos. She was having a bad teeth day. I think being at the orchard and watching everyone helped keep her mind off it though.

chair1We love the giant rocking chair! I’m excited to look back on photos as our family grows on this rocker!

waveSophie recently learned how to wave and loves waving to every person she sees.I made Jeffrey take a few photos of me since I’m rarely in our photos. Moms, get out from behind the camera! Someday you’ll be glad you did.

blue-eyesCan you guess where she gets her eyes? Sophie loved spinning the wheel of this old tractor.


Don’t let her fool you, she was way more interested in pulling the leaves off the trees than the apples. A lot of the trees were picked over. Thankfully Daddy’s tall enough to reach her to the good apples.

familyUnfortunately, this was the best shot we got as a family selfie. Hopefully when we go back to pick pumpkins the little bean will be feeling better and have more fun (although, she’s still stinking cute with a frown.)


eatSometimes Daddy likes to see if she’ll really take a bite of something. Thankfully, he didn’t let her this time.

pumpkinTo end: my pumpkin with her pumpkin. I’m ready for pumpkin flavored everything. Who’s with me? Have you guys made a trip to your local apple orchard or pumpkin patch yet?

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    1. Ana, having an apple tree in your yard is even better! I bet you make a ton of delicious recipes with all those apples! Thankfully it’s been rainy here all week which is helping me move past summer. Do you trick or treat there or decorate for Halloween??

  1. We are in need of an orchard trip. Every year around apple picking time, we seem to get so busy that we end of sneaking in a last minute trip on some random day. We may well have to do that again this year, but come he!! or high water, we’re going!
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