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Hello friends! If you’ve happened upon this blog and thought ‘Man, it’s been a long time since she’s posted. Where are more crafts and pictures of her baby?’ The answer is simple. I’m taking classes to pump up my blogging game. I switched my blog from Materialistic Minimalist which was written for my friends and family to let them see crafts I was working on around the house. When I had Sophie I wanted a place where they could follow my lack of crafts for updates on the lil one. I’ve decided to go bigger and now blog about crafts and motherhood but also throw in some life and cooking posts and gear it towards moms and the crafty folk. Thank you for being patient and I promise to return in a month. For now, I will leave you with this…because they’re just so cute!!


Photo credits: Martin Wessely & Jonas Nilsson Lee via Unsplash

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