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I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day. I don’t think people should spend lots of money, or necessarily spend any money, but I do think you should show your partner why they’re special. Yes, it’s pretty much like having two anniversaries a year but why not?? I love any excuse to celebrate love, especially my love for my husband. I was thinking of what we could do this year to celebrate. We’re back to doing date night out once per month and I’m thinking Valentine’s Day is the perfect date for February. I’ve listed a few of my favorite Valentine’s date ideas for staying in or going out. I’ve paired the dates with a few Valentine’s date outfits for inspiration if you’re stuck on what to wear.

As a Mom, I rarely wear outfits that make me feel beautiful. I wear outfits that I won’t get upset if I get snot wiped on the shoulder or watercolor splattered on my blouse. I want to be able to get down on my knees to crawl in a fort and lots of layers in case there’s a spontaneous dance party. My ‘uniform’ is maroon cords with a graphic T and a long cardigan. Not as bad as it could be but no where near what I’d choose to wear everyday. I know that it makes me feel good to dress up for the right occasion though, so I’m going to make it a point to dress up for all of our date nights this year!

Valentines Date OutfitsValentine's Date Outfit

Valentines Date Outfit

Night-Out Ideas: make reservations ahead for a local eatery you’ve been dying to try, see a rom-com at the dine-and-watch theater, find discounted tickets to the symphony, theater or local music concert, go to the mall and pick out each other’s outfit before heading to dinner, stargaze at the planetarium, revisit your early dating years by playing pool, bowling or mini-golf, schedule a couples massage, book a room at a local hotel and have room service delivered, do your own photo shoot around the city, or have a few martinis before dancing the night away.

Valentine's Date Outfit

Valentine Date Outfit

Night-In Ideas: Play a favorite board game, make a chocolate fondue dessert, listen to a book on tape fireside snuggled under a blanket, make popcorn and watch the first movie you saw as a couple, plan a special anniversary vacation, buy a lotto ticket and write down how you’d spend the money, read old love notes or look through photo albums.

What are your thoughts on Valentines Day? Is it a Hallmark holiday or are you into showering your love in conversation hearts? Any plans this year?

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