Washi Tape Light Switch

Today I wanted to share with you how I did the quickest, quirkiest update on Soph’s light switch cover. Seriously, this project took 5min. I did a simple washi tape light switch DIY to add a little fun to her bathroom.

I have this thing about not buying new stuff until I really feel I’ve been using up my current supplies pretty steadily. I wanted to buy more washi tape but knew I hadn’t been using my current stash since my last smash book. This was the perfect solution!

Materials Needed:

  • Washi Tape
  • Scissors
  • Exacto Knife
  • Switch Plate

Washi Tape Light Switch Cover

Washi Light Swtich Cover
The first step is to figure out your color arrangement. I knew I wanted gold to be prominent so I started with it to ensure I’d have a full stripe.

I made a little gif of the process with the PartyParty app. I have no affiliation with this app or the producers but I thought it would be a fun time to try it out! It was a good thing I did because I forgot to take a ‘middle of the project’ photo!

The corners were definitely the hardest part of this project. I cut a diagonal slit in the excess tape and wrapped it the best I could to alleviate wrinkles. I don’t get too nit-picky on details like this because I’ve since realized that no one ever notices these details!

Washi Light Switch Cover

Washi Tape Light Switch Cover
Once the entire plate is covered, it’s time to make the holes for the switches to fit. I used my exacto knife to make an X in the tape. Notice on the left hole I had to do an elongated X. This does not have to be perfect, it’s just a way to get the tape flaps back.

I also put a small slit in the screw holes. I was worried that forcing the screw through might pull up the tape or tear it in an area I could see.

Washi Tape Light Switch Cover

Washi Tape Light Switch Cover

Washi Tape Light Switch Cover
I love how it adds a bit of fun to her bathroom. Don’t mind the teal tape on Oliver’s (the octopus) frame. I’d dropped him right before this shot and broke the frame! Have you ever done something to liven up a playroom or your kid’s room? Anyone do anything other than scrap book with their washi tape? How many rolls do you have? It’s addictive once you buy your first roll!


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Washi Light Switch Cover

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