Yarn Bird Feeder

bird feeder

Since we’ve moved to our current home, I’ve noticed how established and serene our family’s yards are. I love all of the little squirrels and birds that are happily playing around their trees.

We do not own one tree (yet). It’s hard to attract birds with no trees so I have to lure them with tasty treats and luscious building materials for their homes. This was an inexpensive and simple craft that would be fun to do with little kids!

Necessary Tools & Materials: scissors, yarn (great way to use up old scraps!), suet bird feeder:

:bird nest tools

1.) Wrap yarn around your hand

yarn hand

2.) Cut yarn

cut yarn

3.) Stuff feeder


4.) Wait for birds



Anyone else have a lack of birds in their area?? It just doesn’t feel like spring around here when there aren’t any birds chirping!

Edit: I saw my strings in a few nests last year! I re-filled with fresh yarn for this spring’s birds

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